Welcome to Upwards Partner Programme

Upwards offers you a great opportunity to grow financially. If you are a company and are looking to help personal loan applicants get loan in an easy way, then simply refer us. Register your company for the Upwards partner program by referring personal loan applicants and earn up to 6% of every loan.

What is Upwards Partner Program?

Upwards Partner Program works like an affiliate program that allows you to promote Upwards on your website and earn rewards up to 6% on every successful disbursal we make to your reference.

How Upwards Partner Program works?

  • Introduce your audience to Upwards
  • Help personal loan applicants get a loan
  • Get paid when the loan is sanctioned

Who can be a part of Upwards Partner Program?

SMEs, start-ups and other individuals that can refer personal loan applicants

Given below is the structure of payouts we make based on the loan amount we disburse.

Loan Amount (INR)Payout (% age of loan disbursed)
Less than 50,000 2.5%
50,000 - 70,000 3.5%
Greater than 70,000 4.5%
*On 100 successful loan disbursal per month to your referrals, the pay-out would increase to 6%


  • Earn rewards up to 6% on every loan disbursed
  • Get paid regularly
  • Zero efforts required from your end
  • When the applicant gets a loan, you EARN
  • Automatic sales commission
  • Zero financial risk
  • Monetize your audience

Upwards Partner Programme FAQs

Do I have to pay any fee for joining the Upwards partner program?
No, you can register for the program for free
What is the eligibility criteria for being a part of this program?
You should have a high-traffic driven website
How many applicants do I have to refer in a month?
There is no restriction on the number of personal loan applicants you can refer per month.
How will I receive my payments?
The payment will be directly credited in your bank account.

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