Personal loan for Emergency

An emergency situation not only disrupts your peace of mind but also your finances. An unpredictable event takes your finances for a hit, leaving you in urgent need of funds. At such times, your search for emergency loan online can end with Upwards. Helping you battle emergency situations, Upwards offers you loans ranging between INR 20,000- INR 2,00,000. Emergency loans by Upwards help you deal with bad situations easily by offering you instant access to funds at an low EMI that don’t hurt your pocket. Personal loan for emergency situation can be availed by applying online through our mobile application on Google Play store.

What is an emergency loan?

An emergency loan is a loan you can avail to resolve your financial crunch. This is an unsecured personal loan that does not require any collateral and can be used for catering to any type of personal emergency situations. Be it paying off medical bills, education bills or even wedding expenses, when financial expenses come uninvited, you can resort to availing an emergency loan.

Benefits of Availing Emergency Loan

  • Use the funds for handling emergency situations that require financial assistance.
  • You don’t have to liquidate your investments
  • Get funds on the go
  • Competitive interest rates

Loan Terms

Loan AmountRanging from Rs. 20,000- Rs. 2,00,000
Annualised Interest RateRanging from 18% to 36%
Repayment TenureRanging from 12 to 36 months
Processing Fees2-4% of the loan amount

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Emergency Loan FAQs

Can I use emergency loan for travel purpose?
Yes, you can use the emergency loan for travel purpose.
Will I get any tax benefit on availing a personal loan for emergency from Upwards?
No, emergency personal loan availed from Upwards does not qualify to attract any tax benefits.
Does Upwards check my credit score when issuing me an emergency loan?
Yes, Upwards does check your credit score when issuing you an emergency loan.
What is the minimum credit score required to avail an emergency loan?
The minimum credit score required to avail an emergency loan is 645.