Personal loan for Women

In today’s times, it is important for women to have financial freedom. Understanding this, lenders in India have started offering personal loan at low interest rates to women. Personal loans for women are designed to offer them financial independence and empower them to meet their personal requirements such as medical fees, travel expenses, buying a new mobile phone and others. Salaried women professional in India can now apply for personal loan up to Rs. 2 lakh with Upwards. The loan application process on Upwards is quite simple and allows you to upload documents online, thus ensuring a transparent and paperless process.

What is a personal loan for Women?

Personal loan for women is an unsecured loan that is offered especially to women customers at low interest rates and flexible EMI options. The loan is offered to help women accomplish their dreams by taking care of the financial requirements. This type of loan is generally offered to working women, running their own business or working for a private of public company. Additionally, the loan is offered at low interest rate, ensuring that heavy EMIs don’t strain your monthly expenses.

Benefits of Availing Personal Loan for Women

  • Utilize the funds to fulfill your financial needs
  • You don’t have to liquidate your investments
  • Get funds on the go
  • Competitive interest rates

Loan Terms

Loan AmountRanging from Rs. 20,000- Rs. 2,00,000
Annualised Interest RateRanging from 18% to 36%
Repayment TenureRanging from 12 to 36 months
Processing Fees2-4% of the loan amount

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Personal Loan for Women FAQs

Can only working women avail this loan?
Yes, personal loan for women can only be availed by working women professionals.
What is the age up to which women can avail a personal loan?
Women till the age of 60 can avail this loan
I do not work for any company, but operate a small business from home, will I still be eligible to get a loan from Upwards?
Yes, you can avail a personal loan from Upwards by submitting your bank statement
Is any guarantor required while applying for personal loan for women?
No, you do not have to keep anyone as guarantor while applying for this type of loan from Upwards