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Data shows that only 15-20% of the loan applications are approved for a formal loan. Until now, the rejected employees had only two options - either to ask their company or to approach a money lender.

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Whether it’s last minute rent payments and utility bills, or an impromptu vacation or even a flash sale online, Upwards has a loan for all purposes.

Featuring direct integration with our partners, our services ensure you have your money instantly right on your checkout page.

We’ve also partnered with educational institutions, insurance companies and many more so you can invest in yourself, inhibited. From Instant Cash Loans to buying gold online. We’ve got you covered. Always.

Quick & Easy Money For All

Empower Your Business

  • Better Working Capital Position

    We fund the salary advances so there's no impact on cash flow for employers

  • Higher Employee Retention

    Contribution to employee retention and reduces turnover by alleviating financial stress

  • No Added Cost

    Free to enroll with us. Works as a stand-alone platform or as a complement to other financial wellness solutions

Empower Your Employees

  • Quick Approvals & Disbursals

    Employees can apply for loan up to 20,00,000 and get approved instantly

  • Affordable Interest Rates

    Many banks and other lenders charge a high interest rate for short-term loans. Not Upwards!

  • Build Credit Score

    A good credit score is a key to low-income empoyees to get loans at lower interest rates in future

  • 100% Paperless Processing

    We offer insatnt, hassle-free fully digital loans in not more than 48 hours

Partner With Us

Flexible Options to Choose From

  1. Employee Access
    • Employer only needs to provide access to employer base. Upwards does entire loan processing and manages risk and collections. Employer has no involvement in loan repayment.
  2. Auto-Debit from Salary
    • Employee access as per previous plan
    • Employer also provides EMI auto-debits from employee's salary
    • Employer however has no risk of loan default or any losses
  3. Corporate Gurantee
    • Employee access and auot-debit from salary as per previous plan
    • Employer also takes full gurantee of loan default via their corporate gurantee

Employer has a flexibility to choose the most suitable partnership mode.

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