Our Passionate Tech Team

Upwards is more than a team of tech experts, our team is made up of a wide array of passionate talents with background in finance, consulting, growth, marketing, tech and many more. Every day, we work hard to create the most seamless social customer journey and unlimited possibilities to benefit every online user.

Nimesh Verma - Founder & Chief Technical Officer
Nimesh Verma
Nimesh VermaCo-Founder & CTO
Ranjit- Data Science
Ranjit Kumar Vice-President, Data Science
Dhiraj Tripathi - Android Developer
Dhiraj Tripathi
Dhiraj TripathiSenior Android Developer
Sourav Agarwal- Backend Developer
Sourav Agarwal
Sourav AggarwalBackend Developer
Vismay Luhadiya- Designer & Developer
Vismay Luhadiya
Vismay LuhadiyaDesigner and Developer
Vishal Shirke - Backend Developer
Vishal Shirke
Vishal ShirkeBackend Developer
Bhavya Karia - Android Developer
Vishal Shirke
Bhavya KariaAndroid Developer
Vishal Shirke - Backend Developer
Vishal Shirke
Omkar MoreBackend Developer
Venkat Mohit - Data Science
Vishal Shirke
Venkat Mohit Growth Analyst

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