Affordable Quick Loans for Salaried Employeed in India

Snneha Lukaa May, 2019

Small ticket personal loans are known for their efficiency and have a very simplified online application procedure. This saves your time while providing all the available options based on your information. With lenders such as Upwards, one can get instant personal loans with just a few documents and minimal paperwork. Availing a personal loan allow you to meet your financial needs while also improving your credit score. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of taking a personal loan online.

Benefits of Online Quick Personal Loans

One of the main issues with taking a personal loan from banks is that numerous documents are required for application, which is a long and tedious application. With an online personal loan, you don’t need to submit lots of documents or paperwork. If you apply for your loan on a working day, your application will likely be reviewed and updated in less than 24 hours. Therefore, from the time of application to disbursal, the entire process is simple and hassle free. Another main problem with bank loans in India is the lengthy disbursal time. With online lenders such as Upwards, disbursal is done in just 2-3 days, with no foreclosure or prepayment charges.

Why Do People Choose Upwards – Quick Personal Loans?

When people need urgent cash due to urgent and unexpected costs, it is difficult to obtain fast cash from banks. This is why Upwards loans are the perfect solution for any financial emergency, since the entire turnaround time from approval to disbursal is just 48 hours and less. With only a few basic details and documents, the procedure is simple and hassle-free.Additionally, many lenders are willing to provide personal loans only to those individuals who have a high salary and excellent credit score. With Upwards, people earning a minimum net salary of Rs. 15000 per month are eligible for a loan. Upwards caters to customers from all backgrounds, such as teachers, software engineers, accountants, retail store employees, nurses and others.

Documents Required for Upwards – Quick Personal Loan Application

To apply for your instant personal loan from Upwards, you only need to provide very basic information to get your instant loan. In the mobile application, you will be asked to submit a scan copy or photograph of your Aadhaar Card, PAN Card and photograph. After submitting the required documents, just sit back and relax- approval or rejection will be communicated within 24 hours of submitting your details and documents.After that, we will process the loan agreement and you will get loan amount. That’s it! You need to pay your EMIs on the due dates once the loan is disbursed. Download the Upwards app here and apply for your instant personal loan today!

Snneha Lukaa

May, 2019

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