Upwards provides quick loans within 24 hours with minimal documents. You can apply for a loan from Upwards in just a few easy steps. Here’s how:

  1. Open the app and log in using your Gmail or Facebook account.
  2. Fill in your employment details. This includes your monthly income, mode of salary credit, employment type, company name, official email id, profession type, and your years of work experience. This takes less than 2 minutes, and only very basic information is needed.
  3. Next, you have to complete a quick KYC. Start with filling in your PAN card number, full name, birthdate, gender, Aadhar number and your purpose for taking a loan. After this, enter your address details. Choose the time period you have stayed at your current address, fill in your complete address, and then select whether you live in a rented or owned property
  4. After you fill all the details, click on Submit and continue.
  5. Once you submit your details, you will get a pre-approved amount which is calculated based on your basic personal information.
  6. Now, you will be taken to the next step of KYC, where you have to upload the required documents. You need to upload your Profile picture, pan card, current address proof, company id, salary slip and Aadhar card. Keep then ready before beginning your application process. You can upload up to 3 address proofs (Company ID and Aadhar Card are optional). Make sure you upload all the documents carefully and correctly (correct docs lead to faster approvals!). After uploading all the documents, click on the Submit and Continue button.
  7. On the final page, upload your bank details. Upload your bank statement in pdf format for the last 3 months. You can upload up to 6 docs in pdf format only. Next, fill your account full name, account number & IFSC code. After filling these details, click on the Submit and Continue button.

And that’s all! You will get a response from Upwards within 24 – 48 hours regarding your loan approval/rejection.

Sample Documents

  1. Profile Photo
    Sample Valid Profile Photo
  2. PAN Card
    Sample Valid Pan Card
  3. Company ID
    Sample Valid Company Id
  4. Signed NACH form
    Sample Valid NACH
  5. Aadhar Card
    Sample Valid Aadhar Card – Front & Back
    Sample Valid Aadhar Card – Full Page
  6. Salary Slip
    Sample Valid Salary Slip
    Sample Invalid Salary Slip
  7. Bank Statement
    Sample Valid Bank Statement
    Sample Invalid Bank Statement
  8. Current Address Proof
    Sample Valid Current Address Proof – Driving Licence
    Sample Valid Current Address Proof – Utility Bill
    Sample Valid Current Address Proof – Voter Id
    Sample Valid Current Address Proof – Rent Agreement